Services We Offer

We are able to offer a wide range of services as we have built our factory to manufacture circuit boards for our sister company which includes all of the following services.

component sourcing

Component and PCB sourcing

We work with all the major component suppliers to source the components your project requires. You can specify in your BOM if you would like to source from our in-house stock of generic components also for lower assembly costs.

We also source PCBs from a wide variety of manufacturers, in the UK or from Europe or Asia, and can source to your specification and budget.


Our warehouse is able to store your components for the short to long term, allowing you to not only secure components for your own use in repeat assembly orders but also to weather out and protect your design during component shortages that result in costly board redesigns or increased BOMs.

We have an inventory management system that is able to scan components on entry and exit and keep a tally of what you have and need for your projects.

pick and place machine

PCB Assembly

Our main service is PCBA. We have an assembly line that is capable of components as little as 0402* and up to 40x40mm.

We can also assemble double-sided PCBs and manually solder through-hole components if required. 

*due to limited feeder availability, we are only able to place six 0402 or lightweight components such as LEDs or small diodes per run of the Pick and Place. Multiple runs can be done but might increase costs.


Testing and Firmware

We can test and flash firmware onto your PCBs to save you the time and work of finding any issues that typically crop up when manufacturing electronic goods.

Testing can be checking continuity between power pins, applying power to check for life or over current conditions, components getting too hot using thermal imaging and even applying firmware to check for full operation of the board. 

Product assembly

With our own production assembly line running parallel to our PCB Assembly line, we are also able to offer product assembly for end-user products or sub-assemblies. 

This can be as little as installing PCBs into product housings to building sub-assemblies. 

Packing and Shipping

We are able to offer a wide range of packing and shipping options to our customers.

Assembled boards can be shipped to your specification or via our standard packaging methods of ESD plastic bags or packaged in boxes with ESD bubble wrap.