Our Pricing

We are up front about our pricing for PCBA services. Here you can view what we charge for each service based on the average board in terms of how complex it is. More complex or less complex boards will be more or less expensive respectively so use this more as a guide price. We advise submitting a quote to get a correct price for your job.

Per board price is based on an average board in terms of complexity with around 50 unique components and <100 total placements. We may increase or decrease the price per board depending on how complex it is. For an accurate price, please request a quote. 

Per Board 5-25 pcs £5
Per Board 26-100 pcs £3
Per Board 101-251 pcs £2
Per Board 251-999 pcs £1
Per Board 1000+ pcs Contact Us
Double sided loads +50% to +100% on the above prices per board
First 10 feeder setup £10
Feeders 11-20 setup £7.50
Feeders 21 onwards £5
Component placing fee £0.01 to £1 depending on component complexity
Large pin count / complex component surcharge £0.10-£2.00 depending on size and pin count.
Through hole components
(includes soldering)
£0.05 or more per component (subject to pin count/component complexity)
De-penalization Free for V-score only panels
Visual Check after reflow Free
Basic power on test From £0.10 per board
USB/Data connection test From £0.10 per board
Firmware upload From £0.10 per board
Button and Display testing From £0.10 per board
Full software test From £0.50 per board
Conformal coating From £0.20 per board
Ultrasonic Cleaning From £0.20 per board
UPS/RoyalMail UK Shipping From £12

We have a minimum order value of £100. Pricelist excludes VAT. 

Example quote

Price for 100 boards for a customer’s project. 42 unique components and 64 total placements.
Standard lead times selected. Includes VAT and shipping to the UK. Data collected in summer 2022.

Company Price for PCBA
PCBA.UK £567
PCBway £576
Euro Circuits £647.03
ABL Circuits £2,436
Newbury/PCBTrain £2,846


If you have boards that share components, we can pool these together in the same job or do one after the other to save on setup costs of the feeders.

Students and not-for-profit organisations or projects can receive a discount on PCBA services. We love to support those learning and creating electronics for charity and community projects! 

Please contact us regarding student and not-for-profit discounts. 


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