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All the info you need if you are in the EU and would like to use our services.

Due to Brexit, exporting goods from the UK to EU member states has become more complex and more expensive.

What it comes down to is companies and individuals within EU member states now pay local rate VAT and Duty on imports from the UK. There are also “customs charges” as well per shipment. These are only typically 10-30 Euros per shipment.  

If you compare this to importing from Asia, there is not that much difference as you will already be paying VAT, Duty and Customs fees on anything you import.

PCBA.UK can handle all the VAT, Duty and Customs work for you free of charge. We will have to charge you for the VAT, Duty (if any) and customs fees so you are not landed with a bill when the courier shows up with your assembled PCBs or final product.

You can also import and pay for the VAT, Duty (if any) and customs fees yourself if you wish. 


You can check the import VAT and Duty rates on this website,

Use HS Code 85340090

We have a list on this page that also details known VAT and Duty rates from the UK to each EU member state.


If you have any questions about importing from the UK, please get in touch via the Contact Us page. We will be more than happy to help.

Country Standard Rate (%) Duty (%) Country Standard Rate (%) Duty (%)
Austria (AT) 20   Italy (IT) 22  
Belgium (BE) 21   Latvia (LV) 21  
Bulgaria (BG) 20   Lithuania (LT) 21  
Croatia (HR) 25   Luxembourg (LU) 17  
Cyprus (CY) 19   Malta (MT) 18  
Czech Republic (CZ) 21   Netherlands (NL) 21  
Denmark (DK) 25   Poland (PL) 23  
Estonia (EE) 20   Portugal (PT) 23  
Finland (FI) 24   Romania (RO) 19  
France (FR) 20 0 Slovakia (SK) 20  
Germany (DE) 19 0 Slovenia (SI) 22  
Greece (GR) 24   Spain (ES) 21 0
Hungary (HU) 27   Sweden (SE) 25  
Ireland (IE) 23 0 United Kingdom (GB) 20 0

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