Our Capabilities

Our small assembly line is more than capable of delivering all of your needs for any maker or small business assembly needs.

Our Pick and Place machine line capabilities

We have a single Pick and Place machine but can run boards through it multiple times if required. It is able to place components from 0402 to 40x40mm. 

We do have a limit of six 0402 or light components such as LEDs or small Diodes per pass of the machine. We advise using 0603 sized components as we have 100s of feeders for this sized component as well as plenty of resistors and capacitors in stock for turnkey/hybrid component sourcing. 


Pick and Place Machine capabilities

PCB min size 50x50mm
PCB max size 500x370mm
Min component size 0402 (designs should use 0603 and above, we have limited 0402 feeders)
Max component size 40x40mm
Feeders PCBs can be run through the P&P machine multiple times so this is just a guideline for not having to run boards through numerous times.
8mm 0402 6
8mm 0604 100+
12mm 15
16mm 10
24mm 4
32mm 2
44mm 1
Tray Components Typically 2-6 IC trays per run. Space limited.
Max Component Height 7mm

Through-hole component capabilities

Our assembly line can handle THT projects or a mixture of SMT and THT. 

We are able to place components by hand and either hand solder or dip the whole or part of the board in a solder pot. 

If you have a large project that would require a wave or selective soldering process, please get in touch. 


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